The News Spy Review, Scam Signals App Exposed! Warning

Welcome to our exclusive News Spy Review and SCAM Investigation. Binary Scam Alerts is the first to expose this new fake manual signals software which claims to be the “game changer” in online money making (literally). In reality, its the same game and you are the one being played by crafty affiliate marketers looking to line their coffers while using the fraudulent News Spy Scam app in a very deceptive and misleading way. So before you risk your money with this cheating system, we recommend you take a step back and consider your options because you are about to make a mistake which will regrettably cost you at least $250, and that is just starting out money. When we tested this software our account was linked to a broker named “Golden Markets”. This is an unregulated Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD broker located in Estonia which will use every trick in the book to swindle you, and our researchers have already identified countless complaints online mainly having to do with declined withdrawals and bad service.

The “News Spy” scam is advertised as a system which detects market changes based on news reports and generates signal “spy alerts” accordingly. Needless to say, the concept of trading the news has been rehashed and repackaged so many times that it is just ludicrous to use this type of sales pitch AGAIN and expect it to work. The problem is that it WILL work for the promoters but not for you (that’s the real secret)! We know for a fact that opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a legitimate trading system will try out the sleazy News Spy software without doing some proper fact-checking, and that is where they will end up losing their money and get scammed by crafty con artists. If you want to know how the News Spy scam works and what methods we used to expose it, keep reading our detailed and informative review as we explain the facts very clearly.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM

Here we have the News Spy primary sales page and registration area. It is plain to see that there is much hype being used in an extremely manipulative way. For example, the fake news stickers, pressure counters urging you to signup, and out-of-context sound bites being re-edited in and put together in a very persuasive manner.

That is standard SCAM practice right out of the con artists handbook of how to bait and lure unsuspecting victims into a get-rich-quick scheme. However, that is not the eye-opening proof you all expect to see (we know that). The smoking gun so to say can be found in the screenshot below. Here we have the testimonial section taken directly from the News Spy members area. It’s quite clear to see that Robert W is not really who he claims to be. In reality his name is Simon Baldock who is a “B” movie actor with a gig on fiverr. Here we have him dressed up as a Nazi officer in a British sitcom name “Allo Allo”.

The News Spy Review – Blacklist SCAM Or Legit Trading Signals?

The News Spy is being marketed to us as a type of news intelligence hub which dissects and analyzes news and current events from around the world. It’s advertised as an easy way to make fast money online by working only a few minutes a day. They claim there is a success formula which is attributed to a state-of-the-art powerful tool which “finally makes money like the big boys” and is so effective and profitable that it “disrupts” the trading scene. In the opening video we see all the TV news presenters interview teen age millionaires such as Erik Finman who made massive amounts of money by investing early, and this indirectly connotes or insinuates that you can do it too! Naturally this is taken out of context and these kids are very lucky not just talented.

How Does The News Spy System Work?

The sales page claims that it is a combination of three factors. The first is a News Intelligence Hub which combines automation of news-collection and human analysis. The second has to do with a dedicated analysis team which processes the news and provides human input. And the last factor has to do with ease-of-use, which is supposed to save time and effort. There is a demo of how the software works and it shows in a very illustrative way how the news is spotted and generated. It’s all quite impressive at first glance, but it’s just a shell and the signals (spy alerts) are produced in a random manner at best and most likely in a way which causes you to lose your money.

Is The News Spy Software Profitable?

This software is definitely profitable, but not for you. It generates profits for affiliate marketers and online promoters who endorse it and you pay their commission checks. Get ready for massive SPAM email marketing campaigns and annoying popups which will stick to your browser settings and you will have to install anti-spyware software to remove it.

The News Spy Fake Claims and Fabrications

The logos for CNBC, and other cryptocurrency news sites are used indiscriminately. After a quick check we found out the News Spy was never mentioned in any of these news publications and that is grounds for legal action for false advertising.

Red Flags And Rubbish

The red flags are clearly present and accompany us throughout the presentation. We clearly see the hype, fake testimonials, inflated bank accounts, fake claims of risk-free trades and easy money with little or no work, and of integration with unlicensed brokers.

Fake News Spy Reviews

We are the first ones to publish a News Spy review and scam report. This is a unique review and we have done our best to present the facts in a new and more intriguing manner. However, we are sure that once this scam goes viral we will see multiple fake reviews and endorsements by affiliate websites who are looking to collect commissions. Especially problematic are certain reviews site which advise you to avoid the News Spy SCAM and start trading with the blacklisted Maximus Cryptobot which ALSO uses fiverr actors and makes false claims. This is extremely misleading not to mention confusing especially for new traders just starting out.

Still Trust The News Spy and Not Convinced Its a SCAM?

If you are still hesitant and for some unknown reason still believe you will make money using The News Spy scam software, then you had best prepare yourself for the worst. Get ready for rude sales reps posing as legitimate “investment consultants” calling you up at night and asking you to reinvest. We also have complaints in regards to overcharging on credit card statements and we all know this type of deceptive pattern is also related to identity theft and offshore tax evasion. In short, don’t say we didn’t warn you and get ready to kiss your money goodbye because that is a 100% guarantee.

Recommended Alternatives

On a different note, if you are new to online trading, specifically in Forex and cryptocurrencies, then this is a good time to check out our recommended section.

There are too many scams out, but once in a while a decent app emerges and performs as expected. Even more importantly, we can help guide and assist you in choosing a safe and trusted trading app which will save you a lot of headaches, aggravation, and money.

The News Spy Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

The News Spy scam signals app is totally blacklisted and our final judgement on this is that it should be avoided at all cost. We really don’t know who the people behind this thieving software are, and there is no way for us to confirm their true identities. No social profiles are provided, there is no whitepaper or product road map in the relation to the development life cycle, the contact us section is not clickable, and the same is for the disclosure, terms and conditions, and privacy section. Even the cheapest scams at least put on a decent show and add some kind of escape clause or disclaimer noting some regulation regarding to tax reporting and fraud. This is a severe oversight and getting to be especially important during these times where privacy issues and fake news is becoming increasingly problematic. So, to recap the News Spy scam signals software is blacklisted and we highly recommend you seek alternative and more legitimate investment channels. Don’t forget to reach out and message us on our Facebook Group , Google +Pinterest, and YouTube Channel