UK-Listed Mode Now Holds $1 Million Of Bitcoin

The London Stock Exchange UK-listed mode now holds more than $1 million of the world’s most widely used currency, the currency of digital coins, and is now being traded in real time on the currency exchanges, as it has for many years. The US dollar, however, is still the currency of choice for most traders, […]

Why PayPal Could Kickstart Bitcoin Mass Adoption

PayPal and the other major credit card companies are now scrambling to get more information on the upcoming revolution in payment technology, and if they fail it could spell the end for many of the new digital wallet services like PayPal. One of the reasons they want to know about is because they’ve heard that […]

Coinbase Received 1,900 Requests for Client Info From Law Enforcement During First Half of 2020

One week ago we wrote about a new piece of software called Coinbase received 1,900 requests from law enforcement for user information from their site. Since then, Coinbase has continued to receive these requests from various law enforcement agencies in different states, and some from countries that are not familiar with the company. Today, they […]

The High Risk Of Investing In “Bitcoin”

With the recent news on the Mt. Gox exchange, it’s not surprising that the concept of “Bitcoin” is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. In today’s world, with the ever-increasing importance of money and the currency markets, it’s not hard to believe that many people are still skeptical about this new currency. Although it may seem […]