Bitcoin is Nearing a Death Cross! Should Investors Worry?

It was unimaginable that 2022 would be such a defining year for the cryptocurrency industry. The 2021 year was a record-breaking year for virtual assets, with record highs and massive growth. Investors expected that the market would recover even though the year ended in a downtrend. The cryptocurrency enthusiasts seem to be disappointed by 2022. After experiencing a severe slump […]

Power Deficit Forces Crypto Miners to Leave Kazakhstan

Since China launched its offensive on bitcoin miners in May, Kazakhstan has been a hotspot for crypto mining. This Central Asian country has a capped electricity rate and is a major supplier of fossil fuels. Its insufficient capacity and neglected infrastructure have not been able to keep up with the rising demand for electricity to power the energy-hungry coins […]

What Federal Reserve’s hawkish tilt means for Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s relief rally, after the US Federal Reserve’s hawkish tone in the face of the Omicron threat, seems to be slowing down. The largest cryptocurrency market cap fell over 3.5 percent and dropped to $47,000 Bitcoin had risen to $49,000 from $4,000 on Wednesday after the US central bank opened the door for raising interest rates earlier that expected. […]


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nagamoto. It can be used to purchase goods and is a virtual money. You can also transfer it to the bank. PayPal enabled its customers to purchase bitcoins through their company last year. All bitcoin transactions are online and managed from many computers. Although cryptocurrency can be used […]

New Research Reveals ‘Systemic Risk’ To Bitcoin As Its Price Crashes Under $60,000

The combined cryptocurrency market has exploded to $2.6 trillion this year as mainstream investors flock to digital assets . Since last year’s time, the bitcoin price has risen by almost 400% to $60,000. Bitcoin has dropped sharply in the past 24 hours, falling below the closely-watched $60,000 mark. Researchers found that bitcoin is still held by […]

The Reconciliation Bill May Accelerate Bitcoin Adoption In The U.S.

Proposed bill contains intrusive tax collection methods that would hinder productivity. The recent surge in bitcoin adoption is not surprising given the poorest and least stable countries around the globe. Because bitcoin gives access to a global monetary network that is open and predictable, it benefits the poor and underprivileged in a significant way. While the […]

Bitcoin retakes $47,000 in broad crypto rally as anxiety eases over regulation

Bitcoin ( USD-BTC) jumped more than 10% Friday as investors cheered positive remarks by officials regarding the industry’s regulation. Digital currencies suffered a difficult September, despite developments in China and volatile risk appetite. But, this week’s signals from U.S regulators seem to have given sentiment a boost and sent Bitcoin to its largest intraday rally since July. Other […]

Solana-based data network Pyth says a bug caused bitcoin’s price to crash 90% to $5,402 on its feed to DeFi developers

Pyth Network, a provider of real-time market data, stated Wednesday that a bug led to an error in its feed to DeFi developers. This caused a significant incorrect price for Bitcoin. This affected many solana-run project. The network, which is connected to some the most prominent names in crypto and finance, saw a drop of approximately 90% for […]