Is Bitcoin Code Crypto Trade Robot a Scam

Bitcoin Code Review – Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

You may have seen some of the Bitcoin Code reviews that are doing the rounds online. Many of them are asking, is Bitcoin Code a scam? The software has certainly caused a great deal of interest in the cryptocurrency and binary trading worlds. The platform claims that users can earn thousands of dollars investing with its highly technical cryptocurrency trading algorithms. To help you figure things out, our Bitcoin Code review is designed to shine a spotlight on how this automated trading platform works and how much money you can expect to make from minimum initial deposits of only $250.

Bitcoin Code technical features

The primary benefit of the Bitcoin Code robot is that it claims to generate trading profits from Bitcoin quicker than any manual trader. Its algorithms can recognise trading angles and execute laser-like trades within a millisecond. The algorithm is not only active in trading cryptocurrency CFDs, it also seeks out trading opportunities within a number of foreign exchange markets. In total, Bitcoin Code trades across more than 80 assets using its algorithmic system.

Although we don’t know much about the technicalities of the Bitcoin Code algorithms – unsurprisingly, given that others could copy them if we could – its interface is intuitive and easy to understand. The pages are displayed as a typical binary options trading platform. The Bitcoin Code robot is also accessible via all smartphones and tablets, with its responsive design allowing the platform to be viewed in browsers, with no need to download apps which take up storage.

Bitcoin Code profits

As we have previously mentioned in this Bitcoin Code review, the minimum amount of funds you can invest into your Bitcoin Code account is $250. Of course, you can invest at a higher level than this if you so wish. From the outset, you can set trading parameters for the Automated Trading feature, ensuring you are comfortable with the level of risk per trade.

Elsewhere online, members of the Bitcoin Code have vouched for generating profits of £550 per day, amounting to more than £13,000 each day. The reason that some people have used their Bitcoin Code review to label it a scam is that they have been unable to make the same figures themselves. It’s important to note that investment results will vary significantly based on how much you invest into the system.

The reason why it is hard to put a specific figure on what you are likely to make is that some members will choose to execute their own trades manually, based on the potential behaviours of the 80-plus cryptocurrencies, altcoins and other assets available to trade within Bitcoin Code. Inspiration can also be gleaned from the profits made by other Bitcoin Code members, which are displayed on site, allowing you to adopt similar trading strategies for long-term profitability.

How does the Bitcoin Code software work?

The Bitcoin Code platform is the brainchild of financial entrepreneur Steve McKay, who specialises in using algorithmic systems to pinpoint trading angles in the cryptocurrency markets. McKay was a former software developer at a leading firm on Wall Street when he discovered the opportunity to automate profits for investors in leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. After devising these automated systems for his employer, McKay grew disillusioned at the fact his bosses were the only ones profiting from his Bitcoin algorithms. The story goes that McKay upped and left his job on Wall Street to create Bitcoin Code.

The software works by scanning one very specific aspect of the Bitcoin markets, minimising the amount of data it needs to pinpoint profitable trading opportunities. The system is said to find as many as 97 trades each day, with the results of each trade clearly displayed to allow investors to monitor success rates and verify profits or losses.

New members are required to sign up by providing their name and address and investing a minimum of $250 in their Bitcoin Code account. From here, you get the option of switching on the Automated Trading functionality. Alternatively, those well-versed in the concept of binary trading may wish to get their hands dirty with the Manual Trading features. The automated algorithms claim to operate with 99.4% accuracy. Although the algorithms aren’t psychic, they aren’t a scam either, which the rest of this Bitcoin Code review will testify.

How to use Bitcoin Code

Our Bitcoin Code review will now show you the simple three-step procedure when it comes to signing up as a fully-fledged Bitcoin Code member:

1.  Complete the Registration Form

Land on the Bitcoin Code Private Member’s Area registration page and submit your personal details, including your preferred contact email and telephone number. Once your registration is accepted, you will become one of thousands of members that have free access to the proprietary Bitcoin trading software.

2.  Fund your Bitcoin Code account

Funding your Bitcoin Code couldn’t be easier within the Bitcoin Code app. Click the gold ‘Add Funds’ button next to your account balance to connect your deposit method to your Bitcoin Code account.

3.  Start racking up passive income

It is easy to toggle between automated and manual trading opportunities on the Bitcoin Code interface. You can click ‘On’ or ‘Off’ next to the ‘Auto Trading’ area at the top of the screen. If you prefer the automated trading functionality, you can set amounts you are prepared to risk per trade.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Bitcoin Code website and start generating passive profits from your cryptocurrency and forex investments!

Is Bitcoin Code a scam?

Although the internet is clogged-up with Bitcoin Code review after Bitcoin Code review claiming the service to be a scam, it’s impossible to ignore that these algorithms are operating at over 99% profitability, making it virtually impossible to lose money. The algorithm uses all the technical indicators that most professional technical analysts and traders utilise on a day-to-day basis, so why not let the algorithm do all the work for you?

This Bitcoin Code review uncovers a great opportunity for investors to make money from cryptocurrencies they have no idea about. The automated system puts your money to good use from the moment your account is activated and fully-funded. Although the system won’t get every trade right, you can be confident that it will earn enough to generate significant profits for your investment portfolio.

As the cryptocurrency industry is still largely unregulated across Europe and North America, now is the ideal time to get involved with the Bitcoin Code before these kinds of opportunities are shut down forever.

With a low minimum deposit of just $250, there’s little lose and so much to gain. Sign up to the Bitcoin Code today and quietly amass a new personal fortune!

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