Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is up 9% on the week, tests key resistance

There is a lot of uncertainty around when BCH will finally hit a high that will make it worthwhile for traders to start making profits. As a result, there are many different traders who are trying to play around with various strategies and combinations to see how this one little change in the market can move the price.

| bch} BCH has had a steady growth in the past couple of months but now it appears that it is going to go up even further. That’s because there is a lot of support that supports it at a very high level, which means it won’t be coming down for a while.

One of the biggest reasons why BCH is moving so high on the charts is because of the strong support that the price is currently building against. One of the most important things to keep in mind about the current situation is that there are only three major resistance levels that have the ability to stop this momentum and it would take very strong support to do that.

This means if you are able to get above one of these levels and then break out above them, then you should be in for a huge profit. You’ll have to wait for the market to make this move though, because the other two support levels are currently too low.

Of course, there are still a few other things that could potentially bring down the price of BCH but there is still a long way to go before we see any movement like this. Many traders are still holding off and waiting for the price to rise even more so that they can make even more profit.

This is the most difficult time for traders to use BCH as a currency and this is why I recommend using it only as a trade-on strategy. Use this strategy on only the highest risk-highreward trades possible and it will give you a huge return.

The most important thing to remember about BCH is that it is not only a currency but also a commodity. If you are trading with it as a commodity, then you are going to have to understand that it is going to fluctuate up and down depending on the supply and demand of this currency.

Since it is a commodity, you have to understand that if there is too much supply you can expect to get a huge drop and if there is too little, then you could be left holding on to sell. This means you have to stay on top of the markets that you are investing in so that you can capitalize on any change.

There is no doubt that the growth in BCH over the last few months is not a good sign for the market but with some knowledge and patience it shouldn’t be too hard to predict when this momentum will start to slow down. Once it does, it will become much easier to take advantage of.